Noréns översättningar

The first that is offered is good translations from English to Swedish. I have several years’ experience of translating and localising software, help texts and instruction manuals, primarily within the IT-sector, but I can of course also work within other areas.

The second that is offered is technical writing and technical information, primarily in Swedish. I have written written several IT books for the Swedish publisher Pagina, and have continued to train my ability to write lucidly and clearly through translating. The idea is simple—you provide the technical knowledge, I provide the language.

The third that is offered is that which all translators and technical writers needs to be proficient in: linguistic reviews, proofing and other linguistic services. Especially noteworthy is that the company can provide qualified medical reviews of translations and other texts.

Noréns översättningar (Norén’s translations) is a private business owned and operated by Karl-Johan Norén, located at Fredsgatan 25 in Värnamo, Sweden. I am a member of the trade association Swedish Association of Professional Translators.

Noréns översättningar
Fredsgatan 25
Box 334
331 23 Värnamo
Telephone +46(0)70-324 92 05
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